Snuugo is Singapore’s 1st designed and built smart wearable breast pump that puts mums first. Mama J’s Clients get a % discount off their breastpump from Snuugo! DM for the promo code

Babies Bliss

Babies Bliss is offering Mama J’s clients a % discount off their packages. Babies Bliss Fertility Wellness is a fertility massage service to help women in Singapore to deal with their infertility issues.


Yi TCM is offering all Mama J clients a % off your bill ! DM us for the promo code 🙂

Safe Place

Since the mid of 2023, Mama J’s has gotten the honour to contribute back to society by blessing Confinement Food to the unsupported mothers from Safe Place.

Motherhood is not easy, let’s help one another as much as we can!

Join us on this journey by blessing a meal to a mummy!

Eliza K.

Advanced Lactation Specialist with a passion to help mummies on their breastfeeding journey.

DM us with your Invoice number to get a special pricing for Eliza’s professional services