This month has been really blessed to have healthy confinement food delivered to my doorstep! Mummy duties never ends so I’m glad I made the decision to engage you for my meal plan. :’)

Shu ming

I enjoyed the meal & thank you for allowing us to provide feedback & being so receptive. Thank you for being so patient with us as well… Thanks for accommodating to us and hanging the food at door instead. Cod Bless you and your family too and also for your business have so much favor and prosper!

Han Yun

The food has been to my liking, especially the home cooked style. 🙂 Perhaps can consider even more variety in the menu! Thanks for the excellent service and lovely full month set!

Wei Ling

Thanks for the meals! I’ve left a positive review on Facebook too. Please also convey my thanks to Mama J’s son who always deliver my food to me with a huge smile! I’m sorry i couldnt thank him personally on my last meal today.


Thank you so much, the food is so nice, not even bored after eating for a whole month, will recommend to my friends!

Anna Lee

Thank you Mama J for the meals and tea! I enjoyed them very much. Personally I like the boneless chicken diced/sliced dishes alot! Being a non-vege eater, I loved the small bok-choy, it’s now my favorite! Thanks again!


Thank you so much for these past one month! Can you help me thank Mama J for the delicious food too? Going to miss her cooking! And also thank you so much for the red eggs and Ang ku kueh, they tastes so good. Thank you for everything


The food has been arriving early in perfect condition. The rice wine chicken was absolutely delicious. Thank you for the delicious homecooked food for 30 days !


Thanks so much! The service has definitely made our lives much easier. The variety is there and definitely the nutrition. Thanks for advising what I can eat for breakfast too!


Thanks Mama J! We’ll miss the daily deliveries ! We’ve really enjoyed the food this past month. Thank you for accommodating to our postponing of meals too!