Mama J’s Bird Nest Elixir (28 Days Subscription) – Freshly Brewed & Delivered Daily


Mama J’s Bird Nest Elixir (28 Days Subscription) – Freshly Brewed & Delivered Daily

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Only available for dinner, Delivery timing : 4 - 7pm ONLY.

Please also note that there are no meal deliveries for the following days:

  • Christmas Day
  • New Year's Day
  • 1st and 2nd Day of Chinese New Year

*The meals will be replaced, customers would still receive the full amount of Days/Meals they have paid for.


Introducing our premium Bird’s Nest Elixir, a nutritional powerhouse specially curated to support women’s health during the conception phase, pregnancy, and postpartum period. Packed with essential nutrients, this product is designed to be a comprehensive source of support for the various stages of motherhood.

Pre Conception

Rich in Nutrients for Conception

Our Bird’s Nest Elixir is a natural source of proteins, amino acids, and minerals that are crucial for overall health, providing a solid foundation for conception. Nourish your body with the essential elements it needs during this important phase.

Boosts Immune System for Conception

Benefit from the immunomodulatory properties of bird’s nest, known to enhance immune function. Create an optimal environment for conception by supporting your body’s defence mechanisms.

During Pregnancy

Nutrient Support for Mother and Fetus

Ensure the well-being of both you and your developing baby with the rich nutrient profile of bird’s nest. Packed with proteins, calcium, and other minerals, it offers vital support for fetal development and maternal health.

Collagen Content for Skin Elasticity

Embrace the physical changes of pregnancy with the collagen content in bird’s nest, promoting skin elasticity. Support your body as it undergoes transformative processes during this beautiful journey.

Amino Acids for Tissue Repair and Development

Our product is enriched with amino acids, playing a crucial role in tissue repair and development. Experience the benefits for both mother and baby as you nourish your body with these essential building blocks.


Recovery Support after Childbirth

Ease into the postpartum period with the support of bird’s nest. Consumed traditionally for its potential benefits in recovery, it helps replenish nutrients lost during childbirth, promoting a faster and smoother recovery.

Skin Health for Postpartum Glow

The collagen content in bird’s nest assists in promoting skin health, aiding in the restoration and maintenance of skin elasticity. Rediscover your natural glow as you navigate the joys of motherhood.

Nourishing Properties for Overall Well-being

Embrace the nourishing properties of bird’s nest that are believed to aid in postpartum recovery and overall well-being. Experience the revitalising effects of this elixir as you focus on self-care during this special time.

Choose our Bird’s Nest Elixir for a holistic approach to women’s health, providing support and nourishment from conception to postpartum. Elevate your journey into motherhood with the finest quality and care that our product offers.


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