What time is delivery & Do you deliver daily?

Delivery timing for Mama J’s Confinement food is 10.30am-1.30pm for lunch, 4.30pm-7.30pm for dinner DAILY, inclusive weekends and Public Holidays. For certain Public Holidays, if we are not operating, we will notify mummies 1 week ahead of time to ensure mummies ample time to plan ahead.

How is the food delivered?

Food is delivered hot/warm using Mama J’s Thermal Tiffin Carrier, inside a thermal bag. *plastic containers will only be used for trial meal and for mummie’s last meal with us.

Do I have to wash my own tiffin carrier?

Yes, please do ask someone to help wash the tiffin carrier before returning to us! (whispers) Psst, we are working towards making it more convenient for mummies so please bear with us!