What is Confinement Food?

Confinement food, or also known as recovery food, is a series of dishes and soups specially planned for postpartum/post-surgery mummies, helping them to recover well, expel wind from their body and promote breast milk production.

How long should we take recovery food to fully recover?

Every individual is different, but we highly recommend at least 1 month for postpartum mothers, to help with recovery as well as promote breast milk production. A minimum of 14 days (2 weeks) is recommended for post-surgery.

Are you halal-certified?

Unfortunately, as of now Mama J’s Confinement Food is focusing on Chinese Confinement Food, so we are not hala

Is your food lactation-friendly?

Mama J’s Confinement Food has helped countless mummies on their breastfeeding journey, our food is lactation boosting and we also have lactation cookies for mummies who need the additional boost.

Can I consume chicken / eggs during first week of postpartum?

We highly recommend mummies to directly ask their doctors on what should not be consumed. Mama J’s has worked alongside doctors, nutritionists and confinement nannies, and which all can agree that it is recommended to consume eggs & chicken for recovery as protein helps a lot with recovery.

Can I customize my meals?

We understand every mummy has different tastebuds and food preference, we can customize up to 3 changes for you. (i.e. no broccoli, no eggs for first week, no salmon). We do encourage mummies to have a well-balanced and nutritious diet during their postpartum stage to facilitate postpartum healing & to be open to trusting our well-planned menu suited for recovery.